Mama Needs Her Lashes!

How many of us women are just plain tired of trying to keep up with the upkeep of being a woman? I had a baby not too long ago. It was now time to focus on someone else, and I was ready for a vacation from my grueling schedule of upkeep. By the time I made it to the 9th month of pregnancy, I had to admit to myself, I was not a natural blonde. It was time to boycott my roots and just let my tired, over-processed hair, take maternity leave. I allowed my naturally light brown hair to take up total residence on my head. I have to say, it was liberating…and mousy, but I sucked it up. I would no longer be a slave to my hairdresser and his schedule. Next off the list was my quarterly botox habit. I couldn’t poison my baby for vanity, right? I cut my mani’s out completely. Pedicure’s went to monthly versus weekly, and all of my other routines slowed to a halt. By the time my daughter was a month old, I looked like a granola version of my former self! I had quit focusing on my vanity and was enjoying pouring all of my energy into my baby, that was until, I saw my baby photographer’s luscious lashes! As she clicked her camera, I swooned over what looked like mink fans instead of human lashes looking flawlessly into the lens. “Are those real?” I blurted out not being able to catch myself. I mean, she was beautiful, but those lashes were unbelievable. She didn’t even have to wear mascara or even eyeliner for God’s sake. “Actually, they are extensions. I got them done by Flawless Lashes on Piedmont.” She offered. At that very moment, my granola phase took a backseat. “They look amazing. Really. They look so real and just plain beautiful.” I said in aw. The next day, in my mommy track suit, I was in Flawless Lashes. I walked into the tranquil like spa environment with my dull hair in a mommy knot on top of my head. Ionela greeted me and gave me a quick consult. A few moments later, I was stretched out on the comfy massage table. The lash application seemed so effortless that I let my self doze off. I was so relaxed that I only woke up when I heard myself snore. Embarrassing! Just as I was about to nestle back into my nap, Ionela announced we were done. She handed me a mirror. My lashes looked as full as a Kardashian’s. I could not believe the transformation. Beautiful.

My baby is now almost 2 years old. My upkeep schedule has definitely lightened.  As any new mother can attest, your life changes when a baby comes into the picture. You have to pick and choose how to spend your miniscule free time. Today my hair remains natural, but my lashes remain extended and flawless!

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