Face Google…A social media exchange!

This is a real conversation I had with my mom yesterday. She has an ongoing social media challenge.

Phone rings.

Me: Hello
Mom: I’m going to put Jean on the phone. We are trying to start up my face google.
Me: Face google?
Mom: Yes(annoyed). My face google to get my email thing so I can read your new Block.
Jean: Hey honey. Okay, we are on my computer. What do we do.
Me: (laughing) Is the computer on?
Jean: Yes, it is on.
Mom: (grabbing the phone) Okay smart ass, we know to turn the computer on. “Jean turn the computer on.”
Me: My bad. Type in Buckheadfamous.com
Mom: Why would she type that in to get my mail?
Me: I thought you said you wanted to read my blog? A blog is different from email.
Mom: Huh?
Me: Put Jean back on the phone
Jean: I’m on google
Me: Type in Buckheadfamous.com
Mom: Okay, I think we found it. It is coming up. Let me get some
Splendor(Splenda) and make my coffee. Then, I will read your new block and call you back.

2 thoughts on “Face Google…A social media exchange!

  1. Yep, go thru the same thing with my mom, got locked out of her e-mail account and was most upset that she ‘lost’ all of my blog posts….;)

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