I wonder if Shark Tank would finance me for talking Shit?


So I am sitting here trying to figure out what I want to do with my life…as usual. By most people’s standards I am a success. I have a great job, a beautiful baby, a tall husband, and blah…blah…blah. The problem is that I am bored shitless. I basically walk around on auto pilot with white wine in hand. I have to get house drunk to help the time pass by. House drunk is a term we use here in Buckhead after you have a baby or babies and  are forced to succumb to drinking at home or with your neighbors. Anyway, I’m watching all of these bitches on this show with their great ideas asking for money. I don’t blame them. I’ve tried it all myself. Let’s see I have stalked Oprah’s website, written to Dr.Phil, tried out for P Diddy’s reality show… oh and Oprah’s, started a company and written to Tyler Perry with my ideas. I could continue, but I will not in fear of embarrassing myself even further. The deal is: I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RICH BY NOW, AND I’M NOT, DAMN IT! I was supposed to be independently wealthy and working at something I love. Which leads me to dinner the other night. I had dinner with my friend who has started her own successful clothing line. She is younger than me I might add. Anyway she was gracious enough to offer me some good business advice as she sat back basking in her I own my own business glow. Do what you are good at! The answer is I like to talk, give advice, analyze, follow celebrities and make fun of men so I started my own blog. Stay tuned…

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